Additional Services
Rock Creek Management Advisors, LLC, provides many consulting services beyond those directly associated with Strategic Planning, Growth and Service Excellence. Those additional services include the following:

Speaking Engagements and Meeting Facilitation

We are available for meeting facilitation and speaking engagements on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transitioning from Operational to Strategic
  • The 3 Keys to Member Service
  • Every Employee is a Manager
  • Effectiveness versus Efficiency
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusiveness and Communication
  • Making the Cultural Leap:  Passive Service to Active Service
  • "Selling" in a Service Culture
  • Building a Mortgage Lending Function and Competing in Today's Environment
  • Credit Unions versus Banks
  • Transitioning from an Operational Business Model to a Service-Centric Model
  • From Autocrat to Collaborator - Management becomes Leadership
  • The Relevancy Challenge - Maintaining Relevance Amid Commoditization
  • From Specialist to Generalist - Too Many Experts 
  • What's Wrong with Service Recovery?
  • The Empowerment Equation

Organizational Structure Review

While the strategic plan establishes the future direction of the credit union, the organizational structure provides the framework for executing that plan. All too often, the organizational structure reflects one of the drawbacks of incremental growth - incremental structure changes, or no change at all.  In other cases, the structure has evolved around specific individuals rather than the most effective design.  

With a wide variety of organizational structures currently in use --- member-centric, product-centric, service-centric, platform-centric, geographic, operational, matrix, etc. - there is no single "best" structure that fits every organization. We will work with you to ensure that your organizational structure is aligned with your strategic plans and operational objectives.  

Process Improvement Review

We provide a wide variety of process improvement reviews to ensure that your processes reflect the strategic plan in an effective and efficient way. These reviews include but are not limited to the following:
  • New account opening
  • Account services
  • Loan originations
  • Branch services
  • Loan servicing
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Employee recruitment, hiring and onboarding
  • Performance reviews

Scorecard Implementation

Implement a scorecard model that ensures alignment with your Strategic Plan, and measurement of effectiveness based on elements important to your organization, including financial performance, member service/satisfaction, internal business processes, staff development, etc.

Mortgage Process Review and Optimization

With deep experience in all aspects of mortgage lending - from new product development and launch, to processing, underwriting, closing/settlement, servicing and loan sales, we will review your mortgage operation to help ensure maximum effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Ensure that your leadership’s direction, skill set, and philosophy are in line with the strategic plan and the corporate culture.


Develop a codified onboarding practice, with implementation and impact metrics, that will ensure higher member satisfaction while incerasing share-of-wallet, number of services-per-member, and membership base. 

Succession Planning

Arguably one of the most overlooked areas of corporate strategy, succession planning is often addressed informally and sometimes treated as taboo. Let us work with you to bring this important topic into the light, beginning with contigency planning for key individuals. We can help you develop a succession plan that ensures managerial and operational continuity. 


Business Plan Development

Create organizational and departmental business plans that align with the Strategic Plan, provide clarity for all stakeholders, and create visibility into all operations.