Growth-Focused Business Services

We believe in growth, but not growth for growth's sake. Growth is not just about increasing asset size or the bottom line. It's about taking advantage of economies of scale. It's about becoming stronger and more nimble. It's about being able to take advantage of emerging opportunities. It's about balance sheet diversification. It's about asset/liability management. It's about margin management. And it's about deepening the member relationship. We will work closely with you to develop a growth plan that reflects your strategic direction and informs all operational initiatives.

Increase Loan Growth

Leverage our experience in lending (including signature loans, lines of credit, automobile loans, credit cards, fixed-rate mortgage loans, adjustable-rate mortgage loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit) to drive your loan balances.

Expand the Field of Membership

Diversify and expand your membership base to take advantage of economies of scale and provide better service to all of your members. 

Man and Woman - Business Services

Create Deeper Member Relationships

Our proven methodologies will allow you reach out to new and existing members, resulting in increased share-of-wallet as well as number of services per member.

Build the Membership

Reach out to potential members, underserved members, and underserved member segments within your current field of membership.

Optimize Deposit Growth

Even in challenging economic times, it is possible to significantly add to your deposit base using innovative products, high-touch member service, strategic pricing, target marking and other proven tools.

Increase Retention - Member and Account

Even before moving forward with growth goals, retention needs to be addressed to determine the impact of negative growth (member and account attrition) on your credit union. Even with high member retention, it is possible to experience disturbing levels of account attrition. Account attrition can take many forms (unrealized balance potential, inactivity, etc.) beyond the obvious. We will work with you to implement proven methodologies to increase both member and account retention. 

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